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Daily Prophetic Word March 23, 2017

The Father says, “My Throne Room is always open to you. Many go through life thinking they have no access to the things of Heaven in this life. But my Beloved, Heaven is here for you! I did not need to create it for Me. Quite the opposite. Come before Me every day to speak whatever is on your heart. I will not send you away as some illegitimate child. There is no separation between us. You are entitled to all that I have right now, not someday, one day.

See yourself as truly My Royal Sons and Daughters. Stop worrying about your unperfected walk or a performance standard that only the religious minds could dream up. Just be My Child and let Me sort out the details in your inner being. I Am not looking to be impressed by some measure of nonsense. Do not strive for what will never be obtained. You have the Keys already in your Hands to whatever you desire, want, and need.

You are the Apple of My Eye. Citizens of Heaven right now! I have qualified you and made you eligible through the Cross and Resurrection. I asked Solomon what his heart desired. I will ask you the same! Stop thinking that I Am embarrassed by what you deeply store in your heart. I have seen it long before this moment. I Am still telling you to speak it before Me! Will I deny you what is Good and Pure before Me?

Many have labeled themselves based on the opinions of what others think. Did they make you and bring you forth as a spirit and then as a human? Do they know anything really about you that I have missed somehow? The truth is that I know you more intimately than even you understand that is within you. I fashioned every aspect and you are a beautiful masterpiece before Me. Stop worrying about where you are right now but Celebrate where I Am taking you! I will amaze even the most stubborn parts of what you believe I could or would do for you.”


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