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Daily Prophetic Word March 19, 2017

The Father says, “The Immovable Wall has been taken care of. The Deep Chasm has been filled in. You have wondered for a long time why you could not convey your heart so that others would understand. Instead the communication was blocked despite your best efforts. I Am sending your voice back out and this time there will be no missing of the target or intent.

Those who could not hear your message will receive it by My Power and Direction. I will not let your words fall to the ground this time. You will see relationships be joined back together even after decades of distance. In an instant, old wounds will become whole and healed. I Am your Father and I love you so. Nothing have I missed during your comings and goings.

The days of feeling in the outer regions are coming to an end. You will now be within the communities that I desire your days to be blessed with. Many have blamed you for the problems, but I say that your hands are clean before Me. Even when you have been unsure of this fact for yourself, My Truth will set you Free once more.

What others think or believe about you is limited and flawed. Let Me refresh the inner being of your heart and mind to see beyond the natural into who you truly are in Me. I will take you to places completely unimaginable. Look to where you are able to travel with Me at the Lead. I Am the One responsible in the arriving at your destination. Relax and enjoy the journey. I have so many wonderful surprises behind every turn. Just when you think I have run out of Goodness, I will do it again!”

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