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Daily Prophetic Word March 18, 2017

The Father says, “What are you trying to Earn? What I have for you is free for you to receive! Pay attention to what is holding you back from making room for what is for you today. Many are not willing to place their sacrifice upon My Altar but just as Abraham was instructed to, you will see the reasons why after to go forth as well. Even the most precious of blessings will be asked to be given before Me. Watch and See what happens in your obedience.

I cannot take you to the reaches of beyond yourself until you step up before My Altar. I know what is in your heart and will, but do you truly know yourself as you believe that you do? When push comes to shove what will you do in reality? It is easy to say in theory what you are ready to do for My Namesake, but many run when they see the Altar. Many are hanging onto the Abram instead of walking in their new identity and creation that walked out of the borrowed tomb. The old you was nailed to the Cross. Look upon it no more.

It is time to walk and see your Potential through Christ. This is your new man and DNA. You have a Hope and a Future rested solely in Me. See the Isaac potential in your life and not the Ishmael of your mistakes. I will renew our Covenant in this hour. Cast away fear and doubt so that you are free to Run the Race and reach all that I have laid out for your life to do and be. I will take all of your mistakes and turn them right around on the enemy. I can birth such beauty from your ashes.

So place it all upon My Altar. I will send Fire from Heaven upon My Altar releasing the Sweet Fragrance before My Throne. Be careful not to make this world your idol within your heart and mind. What you consider your source is either your Lord or Idol. I withhold no Good thing from you! Let your faith and righteousness rise up and carry you onto the fresh new meadows lush with promises greater, for greater is your portion.”

~Blessings MaryEllen Martyn Replenished Hope

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