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Daily Prophetic Word March 17, 2017

The Father says, “Change your awareness. Many people see life as three parts. God, you, and the enemy. But this is far from reality. The enemy is under My control but My people misunderstand what this means. I will allow him to come against you in order to raise you up higher. He has a role in My plans even though he does not understand what that is.

You are not being bested by another force. You are being exalted day by day as you are challenged beyond where you are at present to become what you will be for tomorrow. In the womb did I give you a powerful destiny. To walk that out you will have to be tried and stretched or you will never handle the weight of your destiny. I have said that I will not leave you where you are. I must continue to make you on the Potter's Wheel.

You must learn the elementary lessons to become Master one day of the advanced lessons. Do not forsake the process. This is not to your detriment but for your benefit. You are safe in My Arms even when the storms are raging. Do not look at what has come against you as anything more than I Am getting ready to launch you and bless you! Look up My Child.

Be of Good Cheer. You have been given the tests because you are ready for the next level in Me. Do not think that I will leave you unprotected. No My Child. You are in My Hands and as you trust Me to take you where you need to go, you will obtain the understanding of why certain things had to be in your life. Sometimes to get to the top, you have to be brought low first. Let Me have My way with you instead of fighting the process. You will never regret the end destination that I have written for your days. Keep moving forward and you will reach all that I have stored up for your blessings and favor. “


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