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Daily Prophetic Word March 16, 2017

The Father says, “You are a Lily in the Valley. A lily knows how to just Be. No effort, no toil, just does what it is designed to be. I Am the Master Creator of the Lilies and of You. Will you let worry and discord to fill your days or will you just be what I brought you forth to be? I Am the Master Gardener. I have planted you in the riches of soils, and when that ground requires to be upturned, I also will take care of those details.

When you have outgrown the field, I will transplant you to new soil where you will flourish til the end of your days. Lilies go through seasons of life and so will you, but this is not to be hated or dreaded. Every part of this transformation is necessary. Even when the petals fall, I see it all and in due season the bud will bloom once again. Your fragrance is like none other before Me. Do not despise all that has gone into the development of your beauty.

Nothing you have compares with what another possess. Even when you believe their are similarities, in My Eyes there are not. I bring people in your life to stretch and help you grow, but you are unique with your own call and destiny. What you think is a weakness is there on purpose. I will use what you believe is worthless for the greatest demonstration of My Power you will ever know.

Moses believed his speaking abilities were a liability. Did I ever agree with him? Think before you ask for another to walk in your destiny. If I desired Moses to have an Aaron, I would have sent them both from the beginning. I prepared Moses within the walls of the Egyptians. He already had all that was vital for him to accomplish what I was sending him to do. I have not spoken to you to have doubt or fear. If I have called you ready then you are able in all that will come to you.”

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