• Replenished Hope Ministries

Daily Prophetic Word March 12, 2017

The Father says, “Rest assured that I have heard your cries. You are not overlooked or denied a date in My Courtroom. My Child, I have already spoken the verdict to what you seek answers to. Before the Foundations, I saw what you were in need of today. Do not let it worry you from this moment on. All of that has been taken care of. I Am clearing your calendar of the past that still stirs you with negative emotions. It does not serve you any longer and refuse to take this up again.

What you rehearse in your mind can strengthen you or weaken you. What is positive builds you up and what is negative will tear you down. Take notice of what you are filling your soul with. Speak into your own mind, body, and soul~ Life! Do not speak death but Life! Align with My Spirit and not the enemy of your soul. Decide what you want to manifest and speak it forth. I have given you power with dominion. Even what you think is out of control, will be in your grasp to change.

I created you a little lower than the angels, but that does not mean you possess less. It simply means you have a dominion that is in the lower regions. All of My Creation has a role to play within My Creation. You serve Me in different roles but not any less important. Erase the idea that you are not needed in the blueprint of My design. I drew up the plans with you in mind. What I would endow, on the inside of you, would meet what is vital for the age that you came to the Earth Realm.

Do not overlook how Important I see you. You have purpose and in this hour I Am giving you even more purpose and influence with the people closest to you. You have petitioned Me to have more impact for My Kingdom with those you Love. Find that people suddenly seek you out with questions and you will have the answers through My Spirit. Relax and enjoy this new road paved before you. You matter and you will make a great difference with those that encounter My Love through you.