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Daily Prophetic Word March 11, 2017

The Father says, “The wave has caught you and you are learning to surf higher and stronger waves. At first you wobble trying to keep your balance, but mastery is shortly achieved. Remember the times when you were being stretched and challenged. These moments will always break way for Mastery to take place as long as you do not give up. Even when the process takes longer than you believe it should, you will still hold the beauty in your hands at the end of the ride. Fear is just an illusion and you can get the perspective if you just look down from above. From high up, you can see all of the pieces for what is really there.

There are times of learning and times of applying what you have learned. Lessons are useless if you never actually need them. Pay attention because I will give you the opportunities to use what you have been studying and practicing. I will send you here and I will send you there. Even in the places that seem insignificant will you find My Glory going before you. I Am setting you up for greatness and favor. I have not forgotten all of the days that you were faithful. Do not forget those days as well. You were born to do and be what I have set before you to do and be. There are no accidents in where you are today.

I Am giving you a freshness in the way you carry out tasks and assignments. The way that was comfortable will no longer feel right in your hands. As you walk in what now is, it will begin to fit and feel perfect whether you move this way or that way. It will seem like it always should have been this way. All of the hard work that you have carried forward from many past seasons is breaking through to what will take you to unimaginable heights and realms of My Glory that you have never known before.

Just when you think you have reached the top, I will raise the roof again. There are no limits and when you are fully ready, I will even remove the roof so you can fly with the Eagles. You were not meant to stay bound. Earth is not what is holding you to the ground. Your spirit was created to be limitless. It is your mind that holds you back. I Am releasing stuck mindsets in this hour. Choose to let go of what is holding you back. I have more for you to experience. Do not let the traditions of men stop where I have allowed you to go.”


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