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Daily Prophetic Word March 1, 2017

The Father says, “Your provision is not where you are, but where you are going. You must move out by Faith. Many are waiting, in a land that has been outgrown, thinking they are to receive before they go. Believe that I will meet your need and you will receive the promises. You are not forgotten. You are just in the wrong place to obtain what has been set aside for you.

Do not allow frustration to take a hold. You are where you are supposed to be right now, and you will be in the new that I have called you to be shortly. Do not feel everything must be resolved today, for that is set up in your tomorrow. I have not left anything off of the list, and you will take that leap of faith when I push you through the next door.

I want you to look forward and not to the current situations and surroundings. Like a bow around a present Am I finishing all that is for you. I know your heart and what you are seeking even in the unspoken. I even know the disappointments and pain that you reveal to no one else. I Am wiping away what is not fruitful in your life. Let Me have My way and you will reap beyond the heavens and stars, for My Glory is chasing you down in this hour.

The atmosphere is ripe and charged with My Power and Authority. Just follow the road before you. What you think is hidden is not really. Look again! I have been speaking mysteries with revelation over you throughout the day. Allow My Voice to be heard and the frequency of heaven to vibrate in your spirit. You are in one of the most pivotal places in your life right now. Celebrate and let My Joy surpass your steps. The best is not being saved for the last. You will receive Now and tomorrow's will only get better from here on out! Expect My Best to always be for your Now and you will understand how My Kingdom flows straight to you.”

~Blessings MaryEllen Martyn Replenished Hope

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