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Daily Prophetic Word February 28, 2017

The Father says, “Fellowships between your past and present are about to get a mixing up by My Hand. Some will be reentering your life and others will making an exit. I Am putting a new balance to those that are for you in this Now moment of time. Do not view this as a negative but rather a reordering to your steps that will take you to heights with the right support system behind you.

Those that are exiting will be coming along the side of others while those coming back to you are leaving those that they were along side previously. Do not allow your heart to have ill-thoughts about either situation. It is by My doing and not because there is strife. Pass by the desire to be hurt and see from My Heavenly purposes in this season you are in. Even people who could not see the vision for your life will now suddenly get it and come along side of you.

I have much that we will accomplish together. Hold what is in your hands loosely so that I may move you here or there effortlessly. Be of Good Cheer because all that is about to transpire is for your advancement. When you are moving and not getting anywhere, it is in this moment that you will realize that this direction has nothing left for you. I have already drawn out the next set of instructions. I will not leave you without a plan and strategy.

No sense kicking at the sand at what will not be. If you give me those disappointments, I will show My True Vision for your life and how this change fits into the grandest that is to come. My answer is always Yes and Amen to what will benefit you beyond imagining. You are not expecting garbage, and I will not provide that in your day. Allow Me to show you the vastness of how you impact this world for My Namesake.”

~Blessings MaryEllen Martyn Replenished Hope

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