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Daily Prophetic Word February 25, 2017

The Father says, “Blessed are the Pure in Heart. Hear Me. I desire to be in your Presence and walk with you in the cool of the day. When your heart is tainted with the stain of this world, you will miss our times together in seen and unseen ways. Your godly character matters greatly. Do not allow anything to steal your joy, peace, or crown.

What was hard for you is about to become as easy as lifting a feather. What overwhelmed you at the very thought is coming down and being removed. Cast your cares upon Me for I will give you comfort in all of your days, not just some. Things are moving very rapidly around you although I have called you to be still. Be Still!

The momentum around you is set into motion by the angels assigned to your call and destiny. This is a season wrapped in launching those who have beared the long seasons of preparation. Well done! You will reap all that you have sown even in the dry and parched lands. Times are changing and you will walk into lands never before stepped upon. All things will become like new.

Just you wait and see. I will do what My love would do no less for you. You will finally walk in what you have patiently waited upon Me alone to do on your behalf. Even in the moments of doubt and confusion you held on and the road is paved with My Goodness and bountiful blessings. You are My Beloved and it is My Joy and Pleasure to rain My Favor upon you. I will take you to new places and glorious days.”

~Blessings MaryEllen Martyn Replenished Hope

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