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Banning People From Your Life Just Because

I have noticed a trend over the last 8 months. Religious minds are taking a stand and removing or speaking toxic words against people who use a title in the Kingdom of God. They don’t care if God gave them the title, they still claim it is self-promotion and not from God. I have read debate after debate and lots of tire slashing in the process. So let’s take a look at this.

In growing towns in any history book, people got known by what they did in the community. John the Blacksmith, John the Baker, John the Miller, John the Doctor, John the Priest, even John the Baptist etc. Now when people told you to go see Samuel the Prophet, you knew who they were talking about. Has anything really changed in this day and age? Sure there are people who are so famous you do not have to speak their title because no one would get confused. Does not using a title or using a title change anything in reality? People say Pastor John out of respect unless told otherwise. It would seem odd to be introduced to someone who said their name was John and if you asked what he did, he then said he was a Pastor. You would have assumed a title would have been stated for a Pastor or Minister, Priest, or Reverend with his name. This would be embarrassing if you thought he was just any ole John and started talking inappropriate in front of him, for sure. If someone was to say they are in the military, the very next question is officer or enlisted; which branch; how long; what job do you have while serving? No one has to tell you that Billy Graham is an Evangelist and yet that is the first thing that comes to the mind when we hear his name. And every Apostle in the Bible had a career before Jesus came into their lives. How often to we associate them with their prior occupations?

God has spent decades speaking My Destiny over me personally. He has personally called me many titles and compared me to a few people in the Bible. When I legally write my name for business I have to include by law, MS, LPC, BCPC, NCC, DCC. Does it sound like I am trying to impress you? The truth is that I have many legal obligations that have to indicate my credentials on what I do as a professional, and so too do many Pastors, Revs, Drs, etc. If we are going to be up in arms about Prophets, Apostles, Teachers, Evangelists, and Pastors using their title, please be up in arms about EVERY other profession as well. Scream at a doctor for saying he/she is a MD. And when he/she says that they are a doctor for a living, get upset and storm out of the room, unless you are the one choking in the restaurant. You didn’t check their credentials and God didn’t tell you that they were authorized by Him to be a Dr either. When you need a lawyer, good luck trying to find one because no one is using that title today, despite it being what they do. And there are no flight attendants on your next 10 hour flight, or pilots either for that matter. Did Moses need to say He was a mix of Prophet and Apostle? No, but if you were lucky enough to challenge him, you may just find leprosy at the top of your problems for the day from displeasing God.

God most certainly cares how WE ALL treat His Called and Chosen. We need to stop being as unpleasant as sandpaper to those called to serve and just maybe, God will allow their overflow to be a blessing unto us. If we are going to be offended by everything a person does, our eyes and ears will remain closed just like those who refused to listen to Jesus.

Jesus was called many titles. He announced that He was the Messiah. Should He not have claimed that title to you? How would you know salvation if He only went by Carpenter?

Speaking your title opens up Kingdom assignments far more than people on the outside would realize. I minister to so many people just because they know some of what I do in the Kingdom. Lives are blessed and changed. If they thought I was a librarian, I would not have this same impact. I was just in a luggage store the other day looking for a carry-on bag for an upcoming trip to Israel. One thing that draws people in quickly is my sense of humor. The saleswoman was trying to be of assistance to me even though I said that I didn’t need help. So as she pursued talking to me, I was making her laugh about tons of random topics. She wanted to figure out what I did for a living, and for no reason that I can understand, thought I was in business administration. I laughed and said no, I’m a psychotherapist. Now, I could have led with my other ministries for sure, but this is the one I felt to go with, and I found out quickly why. The saleswoman already felt comfortable with me because of my humor that she immediately opened up about her struggles with her schizophrenic brother who was just released from the mental hospital again. I had smelled liquor off of her skin long before this point. This woman was in a lot of pain, and I spent 40 minutes ministering to her just in the little she knew about me. You never know when or how God will use you.

We should not assume anyone is self-proclaimed or boasting just by the mere mention of a title. If you understand the Five-fold Ministry and its full purpose, you might just be grateful to know who has this call and destiny on their shoulders. It matters to God and it should matter to you.

~Many Blessings MaryEllen Martyn

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