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Daily Prophetic Word February 12, 2017

The Father says, “My people are walking to and fro with faces of gloom. Listen, even at the banks of the Red Sea, My people had no idea what I was setting them up for. You must place your faith and trust in the One who holds your future. Are you letting the world steal your joy? When you are walking in My Kingdom, you are walking in favor and blessings no matter what the stock market does or what calamity may come. You are not concerned with the swaying of opinions and words of trepidation.

I Am not alarmed or taken off guard, and you should not be worried about any of it. I will take care of those that are Mine! Can you believe that you are so special to Me that nothing of this world shall harm you in reality? Are you really losing ground or Am I just repositioning you to flourish in new fertile soil? Think about what lessons you are to learn in this moment and not focus on what is taking place as if you are a pagan.

You are growing and stretching where once you were startled like a new born baby, but now you know what maturity is in My Kingdom and nothing will shake you out of My peace. You are not abandoned for you carry My Mark and Seal! The enemy will run in fear of you, if you will just believe and take dominion. Do not cast away your authority to live as the world does. What you have in common with the enemy will be your downfall.

Allow Me to strip off your coat of rags and replace what is of filth with garments worthy of My Royal Sons and Daughters. You are a whole new creation, but many still live as they were. Embrace today My Best and forsake paths of destined destruction. I cannot fail so therefore those that follow Me will not fail either. You will shine the brilliance of a million diamonds. What was heavy upon you is lifting in this hour. Fill the atmosphere with praise and thanksgiving! You are Priceless My Beloved, simply Priceless!”

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