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Daily Prophetic Word February 5, 2017

The Father says, “There is a Blast Off taking place right now. You will see others around you being accelerated and propelled into their new season with My Fire. Do not be tempted to think you have missed the door of opportunity. In any army formation, there are multiple lines of offense and defense sent out at different moments. Do not gauge your importance based on when you are released to go.

The Strategy is Mine alone. I have given each one of you vital information and pieces, that when sent at the right moment, will lead to success and victory. You are as necessary as any other member in My Kingdom. Many believe that if they do not carry out their calling and destiny that I will just find someone else for that mission. In that mindset they have negated the truth that you will gain far more benefit in your own personal life and spiritual life than any other aspect in your assignments. What you do is like a boomerang. You reap what you sow.

Be watchful for your time is NOW. No more waiting and no more delay. It is already on the calendar. Repayment for seven long years of loss is being restored to you. I have kept track of the big and small setbacks. Even when you forgot, I was faithful to keep good records. You will not experience lack. Celebrate for others just as much as you will for yourself. A joyful heart attracts more right back.

The pitfalls before you are revealed long before you get to those points. Be sure to not let distractions take your focus off of where you are going. There will be a pulling to get you to choose another direction. Even the most meaningful people can be your greatest stumbling block. You can please man and suffer at those choices. I desire that you avoid such agony. The pace is picking up. Soon you will be running and be unstoppable.”

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