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Daily Prophetic Word January 31, 2017

The Father says, “Rest assured that I have not overlooked you or forgotten about you. Many are weary from the waiting and the promised that just hasn’t materialized yet. Hear Me! You will possess and hold everything that I have spoken for you. It has not been stolen or destroyed. My timing is focused on all of the pieces lining up at the right moment. I Am working with your surroundings as I shift and push things into the right place.

Sometimes I will add and some days I will subtract. Do not be taken off guard by what you see in the natural. When things look like they are going backwards, I just maybe reordering your steps instead. I have you in the palm of My hands. I have not left you since the day I created you, and I will not leave you for eternity either. I Am wrapping up the final touches. Do not worry about the time. You will not be late.

I Am shifting your focus off of the problem and onto the solutions. There is a solution to even your most stubborn of problems. I will show you how to answer and move through what is blocking you. Let the frustration leave you for I will guide you each step of the way. When your peace leaves, remember that this is not what I desire for you, so allow Me to center you again. It is only one step back into My Arms.

Do not be alarmed by many opening and closing doors all around you. Some doors many even slam shut. This is for your benefit and My protection into this new season. I Am sending in reinforcements to strengthen areas worn down through the long season. You will look and feel fully rested and ready to go in just a few short days. I Am bringing back your Smile! I have longed missed seeing the twinkle in your eyes. I so Love you, My Beloved! There is nothing that I will not do for you!”

~Blessings MaryEllen Martyn Replenished Hope

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