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Daily Prophetic Word January 30, 2017

The Father says, “What you enjoy I Am bringing to the surface this year. Many have put down their greatest joys during the rough seas of last seasons, but this will be no more. You are coming up and out in ways that even you have not anticipated. I Am wiping away the sad faces and tears that haven’t found a reason to stop flowing yet. I have not forgotten where you are or how you feel. I Am changing your outlook to match Mine.

I want you to stand up and dust yourself off. No more looking back. I have your hand, and I will set your feet upon solid and stable ground. What was, is not what is. I Am sending you new faces to brighten your life. I want you to have many give and receive relationships where you can be a blessing and receive a blessing. For this is My desire and will that you live in loving connections and see My Glory and Kingdom working in and through you, and in and through those around you.

My Bride will not look like she has in the past. She is becoming a Bride with no spot or wrinkle. You have a choice to move in that direction or wear the ‘old man’ ways in your dealings. Greater is to Come and this is your inheritance for this moment of time. Embrace and take full ownership. You have the keys and these will open many many doors from My heart. You are not denied, but blessed and highly favored.

The world will never understand why you are able to maintain your joy and gladness in all moments of life. No, you will not always be perfect and you will have circumstances sent by the enemy to take you under. BUT it is by My Grace that you overcome. It is by My Hand that you are taken out of that pit. It is by My Authority that you will no longer live as the Prodigal Son or Daughter. I sent My Son to die for you to be restored to My Best. I will not turn away from you!”

~Blessings MaryEllen Martyn Replenished Hope

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