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Daily Prophetic Word January 26, 2017

The Father says, “My Glory is Behind you, My Glory is Beside you, and My Glory is ahead of you. The atmosphere has shifted which has caused confusion, and the hope you have been clinging to has been tested and shaken. But you will not be deterred if you don’t allow discouragement to come and settle in. The enemy is desperate to stop what I have ordained. Hold your head up.

The Windows of Revelation are opening. You are becoming more of who you truly are in Me than you have noticed in seasons past. The cutting away of who is not truly mine will seem like a giant chasm at times. Do not let this cause you to stumble. I Am shaking the Nations and the Churches. Business as usually will be done away with.

The Refiner’s Fire is all around, and I Am calling My People higher as a Pure Light for the world to see. What used to be left unaddressed will now be dealt with. Getting by being partial of the world will no longer give you the satisfaction that was once acceptable to you. I Am creating a hunger and thirst for Real Authentic Power in the Rhema Words and Logos Teachings.

I Am strengthening My Vessels to withstand the kingdoms that will rise up against them. The Hours of Deception have infiltrated creating chaos and lies to be believed as truth. I Am putting an end to the Rebellion in your streets for this is like witchcraft before Me. Man is a lover of his own truth and these walls are coming down. I have spoken My Will over the land and yet people feel that it is still up for debate. It is Not! I will silence and put to shame those who wish harm towards My Chosen.”

~Blessings MaryEllen Martyn Replenished Hope


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