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Daily Prophetic Word January 19, 2017

The Father says, “What is the Playlist of your life? Does it bring you Joy or Pain? Give Me that Instant Replay for I have much better for your days to be filled up with. What you cling to will bring Life or Death; Love or Hate. You were made for more, and when you allow Me to set you free, nothing will stand up to knock you down as you remember who’s Child you are.

Many do not truly believe in My Goodness. They say that I Am not a God of Favor and Rewards. I sent My Son to pay for the punishment owed towards mankind. Was the debt not satisfied? Can I now give you all that is yours? I will not ask permission from your friends and family or even your strongest enemy. I have chosen you and I love you beyond Measure. There is no Good thing that I will withhold from you.

I Am removing the Religious blindfold that you were convinced that should be worn. I cannot put in your hands what you believe should be denied. You are not just dredging through this life and onto the next. I Am here now to do all that you are in need of, as well as, desire. When you are aligned with Me, your desires will flow from My Heart for you. Your needs will be answered. And you will learn how to dwell in My Peace in all matters.

Receive My Love each and every day! Do not wait until you are desperate because your mind will tell you that I may reject you. When you stay connected, the lies will fall to the ground much quicker and your strength will remain renewed each day you go out. Feel My Presence all around. I have not left your side. I will carry you and I will heal. I will lift you up and I will rejoice in all of your Joys.”

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