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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word January 18, 2017

The Father says, “Many have thought that I forgot about the promises owed to them. They have seen the promises come before their feet but when they reached out to grab them, it fell between their fingers. Many have gone off angry instead of asking Me as to why. You see, they are using an inferior net to gather up what is theirs. It is not the proper gauge of netting to hold the weight of what has been given to them. So it breaks under the pressure.

Understand that your mindset is that netting. When you live in unbelief and doubt, you will not feel that you are indeed worthy of the magnificent and not accept My Love at work on your behalf. What you allow to have influence over you will dictate your reactions to even blessings. Many say that I have denied them when in fact they discarded the favor. A double-minded mentality will rob you of all that Christ died for.

I Am cutting the chains that have kept you bound and steps behind the movements of My hand in your life. What used to have full effect over you will no longer have a hold. Stay away from old ways and traps that you all too well knew were there but fell into anyway. You must challenge the ‘Old Man’ that was part of the mankind’s fall. You are a New Creation in Christ. Know your identity so that no one can steal from you again.

The Riches of My Glory are coming down with Power and Kingdom Force. Your portion is limitless. You are limitless. You are not bound by the flesh, and I will take your spirit into places unknown. 2017 is a year like none you have known before. It is the Starting Point of Many Amazing Kingdom Explosions. The Runner’s Mark is ready. The Starting Pistol is about to Sound. I Am not finished with you, not in the least!”


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