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Daily Prophetic Word January 17, 2017

The Father says, “Glory is Upon You! Change is Upon You! What would not yield to you is coming under your power and authority. You have felt scattered about going to and fro, but Now you are at a season of divine cooperation and partnership. You are walking into your tribe and what I have been setting you up for during your worst of days to your best of moments.

All of your efforts are making way to the open meadow of possibilities. The opportunities are opening up and blooming before your eyes. It is open season for you to not only take what is yours but to seek and ask for more than you had ever dreamt before. What is your heart’s desire? Come share with Me for I have much more than what a human mind could comprehend.

There are rule makers that will push you into a box telling you what is allowed for your life. I say breakout of that mundane constricted life. People will look to restrict based on some formula and their own belief system. I say all things are possible for the Christ in you will do exceedingly abundantly more than you can ask or think for. You are going to find a new stride of life, One of Ease and an Upbeat Attitude.

It is time to knock down walls and barriers. What would have stopped you in the past will become flat under your feet. I Am giving you new ideas and strategies to rise above your current way of life and walk in a whole new beginning of manifestation. No longer a feeling of hope deferred, but hope fulfilled. I Am checking off the Items on your lists. Consider it done!”

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