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Daily Prophetic Word January 16, 2017

The Father says, “The Earth is groaning and My Answer has been released. I will protect what is Mine. Many claim to be mine when it serves them in convenience, but what is really in their heart? My wrath is about to be poured out over the lands that desire to harm who is Mine. Nations have converged to punish the innocent while the guilty will go off free to take what is not theirs.

My people are martyred in the streets and Nations go on in their silence. I will not forget what has been done! Their gods are surely on their side, but what can those illegitimate voices do in reality. All will bow and all will confess to I AM! There is no higher authority and no power that can come against My Kingdom. Nations will roar and hell will command, but all will fall into the pit at the end of days.

My Bride must awaken from her complacent slumber. Does your voice and actions not matter? You are My Hands and Feet. You carry My Will and Voice. Many have gone off in what they feel is good and right, standing against who they claim to be their Lord and Savior. You are not of this World, AND you have a Power and Authority straight from My Throne. Take your Rod and Staff. I will guide you in all matters.

It is time to Rise My Mighty Warriors. A New Day has arrived. Where I go you will be there also. Where you go, I will be there also. We are United and We are One! You are here on the Earth during this time and place because You Carry what is needed for these generations. What you have deep within was not needed in the past and is not for the future. It is for NOW! You are for NOW! Your purpose is for NOW! Stand for we are taking the Land!”

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