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Daily Prophetic Word January 14, 2017

The Father says, “You have rivers of living water flowing in and through you. You have access to aspects of My Spirit for every need internally and around you. This living water will do what you command it to do. Your faith will ensure the manifestation into the natural. Your hands are not empty, and you must decide to see your situation with expectation of My Supernatural answer. You will receive in due season.

You have carried guilt from the past because you thought you acted against My Honor. People have believed you were in sin and you have also believed this as well. My Child, I Am resurrecting those moments to show you that even though you thought you acted wrongly, you did not. It appeared you were doing out of your flesh, but the outcome was part of My Plan from the day I spoke it over you.

Just as Rebecca worked to position Jacob into receiving the first born blessing, it was I that spoke that Jacob was to walk in that Favor before he was even born. For Jacob I loved and Esau I hated. You are like Rebecca and Jacob. You took action and the outcome was criticized as being sinful. I Am healing you and clearing your mind. I Am setting the history books straight and restoring your inner peace.

Before you decide to carry guilt and shame come to Me for restoration and revelation into the whole story. I know the unseen and will bring the hidden into full view. I love you My Beloved, and I do not desire that you live a life less than Joy and Overflowing Abundance. Freedom and Healing is your wonderful portion. Do not waste a single day living in a pit. You are My Royal Sons and Daughters worthy and highly favored.”

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