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Daily Prophetic Word January 12, 2017

The Father says, “Focus on the Goal. Do not let the noise distract you in this hour. It is just an illusion and mirage to shift you off of the promises that are about to manifest. Smoke screen after smoke screen is rising up. You have the power and authority to blow My Winds over every problem that comes. Do not stop moving forward for the land you are to seize is just ahead.

I will place in your hands the long-awaited and even more anticipated promises that you have held onto no matter what has come against you. The rewards are yours and no one will deny you from what I have commanded for you. Get your celebration glasses ready for the toast is for you and all that we have walked through together. You have done well in seasons that had elements that could have taken you out completely, but you stood your ground.

The Mountain is your place of Honor and you arrived there by My Hand alone. Look at your surroundings and take in the victory, for we will be moving on from here soon. What you have learned, stretched, and grown from will be deeply needed in the coming months and years. You are more ready for what is to be then you will realize at first. Remember in the moment, that you are not who you were in the past. You are stronger and more capable for any and every assignment that falls into your hands.

Changes are coming fast over the next 8 months. You will feel overwhelmed and dizzy at times, but keep looking up for I have all of your concerns taken care of. You will not need to think if I will come through for even before you knew to ask Me, I already dealt with the issue. The obstacles before you are being crushed under the weight of My Glory. Like a steamroller, the path has been made smooth as glass. This is a glorious time in My Kingdom!”

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