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Daily Prophetic Word January 9, 2017

The Father says, “Did you count your chickens before they were hatched? Who did you leave in charge of those chickens? When you are in My Will and Plans, what has been decreed over your life will come to pass, but you have a part in that coming to be. You are to be active participants in what I have for your life. Many are sabotaging themselves and not even aware of it.

I will at times make you wait and wait and wait. Are you serious about My path or will you wander off to fill your own hands and desires? Abraham walked off to do what only I could do for him, through another way. The price can be very costly. I may not give you another option when you do on your own. You must be trustworthy in the little, as well as, the much. I had to test him further, with the promised son, just so that he finally saw the man that I had created him to be.

Your vision of who you are is the biggest stumbling block to your success. People will tell you who you are, and you will even have an opinion. BUT I know the FULL YOU in every aspect! I know if you will remain teachable before Me or if you will quit when the going gets too tough. The choice is always in your heart to decide and come back to Me. My Will is to always redeem, restore, and renew you until the end of your time on Earth.

I will do nothing with a wishy washy mentality. One day on fire and the next they are beyond lukewarm. I will provide all that you need. I will give you strength, comfort, and encouragement to stay the course. People may doubt that I will come through for you, but what you believe is what matters. Get off the mindset that everything has to be instant. I Am not subject to a clock. Release the illegitimate timeline that you think is oh so important. When you do, you will find promises come to be sooner in and around you.”

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