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Daily Prophetic Word January 5, 2017

The Father says, “The Dragon has fallen. Yes, he has already hit the ground with disbelief. It is time to stop giving back your keys to the enemy of your soul. He is a defeated foe. Letting him set up camp in your life only weakens your resolve throughout the day. You cannot name it and claim it when you gave it up already. Change your mind and start anew.

Today, find that I have given back the keys that you let go of. I Am setting you up in High Places so that you will have the vantage point to see the stronger and weaker areas. I desire to fortify the weaker areas so that you are ready for what will come. A chain is only as effective as the weakest link. You are being brought through the Fire to remove the impurities, so that you will not only withstand the storms but Triumph.

Running from the frontline will not solve or stop the attacks. Neither will quitting. You are hated because you were merely created by Me and so Loved by Me. If you were not priceless, the enemy would move on to other things. Wear your Crown with Joy. Do not speak against but take it all in stride. This is what disarms the enemy. He has no weapon against True Joy and Happiness. Stir your own Mind, Heart, and Soul. Let the Flames grow hotter and larger.

You do not have to like everything that happens to not have Joy about your life. If you lack, I will provide in abundance and overflow. One day this will all be gone and all you will remember is the Beauty that was all around you. Focus on the Truth and Light for this is growing with great increase even today. I have the whole Masterpiece of your life completed and ready to show you piece by piece. You will be thankful at the end so there is no point in not letting your thankfulness rise up today to carry you onward. See what I See!”

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