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Daily Prophetic Word January 4, 2017

The Father says, “Do you want an ending or transformation? In the ending of something there is no hope for any better outcome than what was seen. In the Transformation all things are possible. I created man out of dust which seemed to have little value and worth. It is not how something starts out that defines, but what I do with what has already begun. Fresh manna is falling and you are about to discover how I will transform what you have felt a need to discard. Many will still choose to ignore what is happening with a desire to still remove. I Am calling your heart to love and not to have ill-will or malice. A hard-heart will only give way to destruction in your life. Look again! Spring time has come early and what was not in active blooming and growth is alive once more. I choose to be with mankind and for mankind. When the going gets hard for you, I will not leave. I Am not raising you to be helpless and without the blueprints to any and all that comes your way. Call upon Me! Forsake your logical mind for I may ask you to do something that defies logic. I Am not bound to the clear and easy to see solution. What you despise is exactly what I Am using to take you from Glory to Glory. You will find the less you struggle against My process, the quicker you understand the purpose behind the friction. I Am always working things out for your good. The minute doubt creeps in your mind, take action to stop what is trying to take root in your heart. You are only subject to what you allow in your life. The chains are breaking off and you are on the verge of freedom like you have not felt before. Look Up! I Am not finished with you.”

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