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Daily Prophetic Word December 31, 2016

The Father says, “What you focus on will surely increase. It is easy to give attention to what you cannot do or what is going wrong, but I say shift your day into what you are being blessed with instead. What you feel is in lack is just merely My opportunity to pour out into you more of My Goodness in fullness. Your need brings My Glory to Earth. Expect with unwavering attitude that your days will be fruitful with purpose. I Am in your midst, day and night. The status quo is being challenged and you will come out shining bright as you break free of the monotony. I have unusual places and faces for you to find. This will be a wealth of benefit and it is there that you will find a closer intimacy with Me. I will use you wherever you are. It does not matter your educational background or popularity even. You are already the One I can and will do the unbelievable through. You have My Light beaming out of you. I Am not comparing you to the person next to you so that is your clue not to do that as well. What you do not have, I will provide. Where you go, you will be ready. Trust in the process. All will come together on time. I will not forget to pave the way. I will hand you the victory as long as you refuse to quit. Come to My Waters for renewing and strength. This is always available and you do not need a special invitation. I will fill you up and pour you out. Bring into My Storehouses for I have promised to multiply in all areas right back to you. Your tithes and offerings demonstrate your honor towards Me, and it releases My Hand to destroy the works of the enemy in your life. What you value is where your heart lies. Consider carefully how you go about your day. I Am speaking to you through the moments and in between. I will stir your spirit to want more and when you seek, I will answer. I have taken off the training wheels and I say let your heart roam and explore. You may fall, but I will pick you up and send you back on your way. Release the outcome to Me. I will use even the least of your abilities for an even greater impact than the gifts that you think will yield the best fruits. The impossible and improbable are My Specialty.”

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