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Daily Prophetic Word December 29, 2016

The Father says, “Many are realizing that the waters that I have you flourishing in are changing as I send you to new waters. Do not consider this a negative or that there is anything wrong with where you were. I Am shifting you from a comfortable routine into places that will teach you things of My Kingdom that you have never heard before.

Be open and remain open. I Am moving you away from surface level understandings into Spiritual and Supernatural Revelation. To grow you must be challenged. To place down your Traditions of Men, you must be exposed to parts that you are missing. Many think that they have all of the pieces simply because no one has ever told them otherwise.

I have not revealed all of the mysteries to mankind yet. The Berea's knew Paul was speaking the truth because they were studied and approved before Me. Let your spirit as well bear witness to what is coming down from Heaven. Be careful to not reject and align with the enemy of your soul to stir up strife and conflict. All knowledge is new to a person the first time it is heard. Do not let ignorance of My Ways be your downfall.

When you believe you know all that there is to know you become your own god of pride. I have no beginning and no end. Is there nothing left for Me to show or teach you? Unteachable people will remain living in the dark believing they are the only ones in the light. Pride will surely keep one like a Pharisee. They will seek to save face instead of learning. My People! I Am doing such a Wonderful New Thing before you right now. My Greatest Desire is that you come up higher and dwell one on one with Me. You are why I have done all of this. Embrace and let a longing for My Presence increase until there is no room left for anything else.”

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