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Daily Prophetic Word December 25, 2016

The Father says, “The Celebration of My Son’s Birth today is making way for the birthing of many things on the inside of you. What you labored through and for in 2016 has arrived. What you paced about in anticipation and some moments of doubt is coming forth into your world for this in your season of great blessings and favor beyond what you had dreamed of.

Find that the weariness is leaving as you take the next step after the next. My Angels are assisting in the transition. What you could only see with your natural eyes will make way for your spiritual vision to go past with the revelation that you were seeking. You are a new structure, different in several key ways. Where you used to fit you will find the comfort has left. I Am taking you to places that will change what is developing inside of you even more so.

Those that desire more from the Kingdom will receive more than they can hold and contain. Those that seek the status quo will find a leaving behind that grows farther and farther. The Kingdom Jewels are not to be squandered by someone who fails to recognize the priceless value before them. I will give to the hungry and faithful before Me. Let the kingdoms shake violently for My Voice is heard throughout the land.

Monuments established out of the pride of men are toppling in this hour. The stability that people created out of their own hands will fade away. There is a dividing and choosing before My people. Some are on their third time out as a prodigal child hoping to be let in to steal some more. This will not stand in My House. What you will not submit to, you will be lost from. You cannot hold both in your hands and prosper.”

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