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Daily Prophetic Word December 24, 2016

The Father says, “It is time to cash in! What has been held up will be cashed in during this season. Things that would not turn over to your favor will experience the quickest turnaround ever witnessed. New resources and strategies will be arriving to your doorstep. What you are due will come and find you. The Rain of Joy has already started.

This is not a time to sit back idly and wait for it all to rush in. I want you to be busy about what is to take place once you have your hands full. Action and pressing forward. Spend time in My Wisdom for I will not leave you without My counsel. Times have changed from when you were promised to when you received. How you will move forward will not require the same blueprint as before.

Just as in the changing of the guards will you realize that this season will utilize all that you have in a different fashion than you once had thought. Even be wise in your interactions with others. Logic will escape as you try to move forward in ways that you would have in past seasons. What seems down will be up; what would have moved left will now move right. Check in your spirit for the Kingdom revelation that will put things into proper perspective.

There are no landmines ahead, but getting off track is still possible. Wear the Mind of Christ! Give out the Heart of Christ! In all of your dealings be on purpose for My Namesake. You are moving towards My Glory. The enemy will look to blind you with his light, but you have all that is within you to thwart these schemes. You are Mine and you will feel My Presence in new and unexpected ways from this day forward!”

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