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Daily Prophetic Word December 17, 2016

The Father says, “Humanity began in a Garden. Today, understand that this Garden has changed and transformed. Many still look at the failures, but I say Look Again! Before Me there are no failures, only possibilities. You must allow the slate to be wiped clean. Hear Me! There are no negative or pessimistic options unless you embrace the wrong voices. I gave mankind something better than what was originally written. It is time to let My Joy and Celebration sink into all of your ways of living, not just here and there.

Adam and Eve had no need to be reborn with Christ’s DNA infused, before the fall. You are entirely a New Creation than what was first created. You are co-heirs, and you carry the Power and Authority that Christ has, for He is the image you are being molded into. If you do not let the truth of your true Identity radiate out of your very existence then you are not walking in all that is available to you. I have called you to come up higher.

I have demonstrated great and mighty things through My servants of the past and present. Is there not even more available to you now than what was? Many think those actions were the exception and not the rule of what one can and should expect with Me on their side. Do you believe it is figurative that one can cast a mountain into the sea or reality? It is your pure belief that allows the improbable to be. Nothing is impossible for Me or those that believe.

I Am not a One Hit Wonder so why would you be? I have more that I desire to do through your earthen vessel. It is up to you to open your heart and mind to what I Am setting you up for. You will not get to your next launching point any other way. Let go of what you expect, and allow Me to fill you up with all that I desire for your life. I will not disappoint!”

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