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Daily Prophetic Word December 11, 2016

The Father says, “Follow your heart. Yes, you heard Me correctly. Too many view this as a secular notion or a case of rebellion, but look again in this Hour. When you are unable to see or hear Me, look at the gems that I placed in your Heart! My Compass is there to set the direction, and My Fire is there to ignite the momentum. I download to you all that I have for you. It establishes balance and passion if you allow it to.

I will send you My Confirmations as you make the first steps out of faith. I will give you more and more revelation as you continue moving towards what I Am placing before you. Others may think you are being foolish, but Let Me stoke the flames in that beautiful heart of yours. I will shatter all of the doubt and soon others will come along with their support as well.

To follow My leading, you will upset the ones sitting on the sidelines of life. When you decide to be a person of action in My Kingdom, others will look to cut you down to their size. Resist the desire to answer to them with explanations that they will never accept regardless. You are not living your life to be in alignment with others. Be Mine and the rest will fall into place.

The powers coming against My True Vessels are with an intensity not experienced before. What is being released over the Earth through them is nothing like the world has known or seen throughout History. Just as Daniel was placed in the Lions Den, no harm came to him. Today find that I Am your protector as well. What man or the enemy of your soul attempts to do against you, find that it all falls to the ground and is subject to your authority. Stay Steady and Laser Focused!”

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