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December 7, 2016

The Father says, “If you want the extreme and above the ‘average’ joy that the Zoe way of life provides, then you will have to choose to dwell at the depths and not to accept a mediocre living. Many desire to only live in the shallow waters. They step in toes first waiting for the water to feel the right temperature for their liking. They ask with a limited viewpoint so they only receive what they are open to getting. They have called an end prematurely to the supernatural power demonstrated in My Word, and they mock with disbelief the workings of the Holy Spirit for today.

When a person only believes they are to just survive and not thrive, then they will live in despair even on the sunniest of days. Enjoy life to the fullest. Laugh, sing, dance, and shout for the Kingdom has already come. Let others enjoy the life I have given them without your judgmental eye ready to speak against the beauty that they are excited for. I give all of My children blessings and favor for all of the days of their life. I do not limit them with a scornful eye, and neither should anyone else if you are walking in My Spirit. I place in their lives means to make the most out of what I have given them.

It is not for them to answer to anyone else about how they use their presents from Me. A heart of envy will leave you empty and in the grasp of the enemy. Be careful that your own thoughts and tongue do not hold back your own blessings by speaking evil towards another. If someone is doing well Am I not their source? It is My glory and honor to give them the riches of My Glory. My Best is available to all, as I do not discriminate one of My Children from another. My Hand is ready to move. Come before Me with clean hands and a pure heart.

Do not lift yourself up to be equal with Me. I am the One doing life with each one of you. Be happy for others as you would hope they would celebrate with you. This is the Heaven mindset. You are not in lack unless you choose to adopt that mindset. My resources are endless. There is nothing that I will not do for those who would just Believe. I use everything in your life to build you into a strong Man or Woman with Faith and Trust in Me. You are going through and you Will come out better at the end than when you started out. Accept My Complete Love for you this day. Turn away from what is keeping you in bondage and walk on the water that I created you to do.”

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