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Daily Prophetic Word December 5, 2016

The Father says, “Feel the weighty blanket that has been placed over you. Know that you are covered and protected. You are never out of My sight or love. Even when yesterday did not go as planned, I have you safe in My Arms. When the world has turned on you, I have not closed the bridge that you need to cross. What bruises your heel will not destroy you. When you see all problems in equal measure, you will become drawn out to sea in the riptides that form out of nowhere.

Refresh your own mind and will. Hindsight shows you that the mountain you face will be flattened to you in short order. Do not let life overwhelm you into inaction. I am for you and not against you. I will work things out for you as you place your faith and trust in Me. What you see as your source and solution becomes your idol if you are not diligent to keep a mindset only for the Kingdom. I am your source of all things beautiful and lovely. See yourself as just going through and do not choose to park yourself in that situation.

Resting in Me does not mean you are motionless throughout your day. You are to do what you can and leave the rest to Me. You are not working against Me are you? Be careful who you let give you counsel. Not everyone is up to the task or has a Kingdom perspective even in their own life. Know when to be still so that I can pour out into you the strategy and key that you seek. Many go through life frantic and at the core, they did not bother to come to Me in the first place. I have said to ask, seek, and knock as these are vital actions on your part. If you will not ask, how will you recognize what I am showing you?

Taste the Goodness that is before you. The enemy desires to fill you with endless pessimism. Pay attention if this becomes your thought life. The straight and narrow path may look limited in options, but it is designed to keep you safe from wrong choices. You must decide if you truly want My Golden path or your own way. Coming in and out of My will creates undesired chaos and bewilderment as to what went wrong. I will never set you up for harm. Do you believe that I would create you out of My Love only to send you suffering?. I sent My Son to take what you were unable to pay. Settle this in your mind today that I only have Eyes for You!”

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