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Daily Prophetic Word November 25, 2016

The Father says, “Are you feeling like you are in a cave today? There are times when you ran into the cave to hide from your circumstances. There are times where I have placed you within the safety for your own protection while I ministered to you. No matter where you are today, in My will or out of My will, it is your moment to take My Hand for I am bringing divine alignment this day. When you thought you were behind schedule or whether you got ahead of My schedule, I am righting your steps before Me in this hour.

Take Heed and do not dismiss what is happening. This is a gift today to establish you back at the correct spot that I desire you to be on in your journey. Forces that have come against you and even your own foolish days do not have to be a permanent mark or stain if I AM your Lord. The next 30 days are going to be a great time of shifting and shaking. Even when you counted yourself out of My plan, I am counting you in today once more. Hold on, for it is going to be bumpy but the ground will level before you by the year's end.

You have questioned your legitimacy before Me. You have questioned your worth in My Kingdom. You have shrugged your shoulders at even My promises of great blessings. Hear Me! Enough! Enough! I Am a God who does not Lie. Do you not see a difference between Me and your greatest adversary? If you believe we are truly one in the same then when favor does come your way then who will you give thanks to? What you will not believe for you will not receive as truth when it does come into your hands.

My Sheep know My Voice. Do not forsake this truth. The enemy will plant seeds of discord in your heart, but you have a choice to water or to pluck out. What does Love have in common with Hate? Riding the fence between the world and My Kingdom will leave your soul wrapped in bondage and wounds. I will heal and restore what you hand over to Me to do. I will undo what the schemes and weapons that done against you. You must decide whose hands you will place your life in. Many become their own idol and believe they can do it all themselves. My arms of Love are open for your return. When you have finally had enough doing life on your own, Come. I love you so!”

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