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Daily Prophetic Word November 22, 2016

The Father says, “Doing what is right before Me will make you at odds with those near and far. Even other brothers and sisters will come against you with a full belief that you are in the wrong. I will come to strengthen and give My assurance that I am with you. Even your best of friends will not always see what I have spoken over your life. There will be days that you will seem as alone as Noah did. You will be asked to do the unimaginable, and those, whom you walk life with, may return hurtful blows from their ignorance.

Down the road lessons do not seem to always come as fast as you would like. I am saying to you in this hour that those who have accused you of doing wrong will see Me lift you on a pedestal of honor before Me. The weapons they have used will be turned against them. What was meant to destroy you is about to launch you into My Favor. I will dry those tears and give you double for your trouble. No one can out do what I am going to do for you!

Those that rested everything in their human wisdom will discover their knowledge betrays them. I have mysteries to reveal in this season that will bring a conclusion to several storylines in your life. What was riddled in confusion will be smooth as glass before you. The answers that you felt were never yours to know will be understood in My Completion. The Final bill has been paid and you are picking up in a whole new chapter. You have outgrown where you are.

As sand shifts under your feet, the ground is making way to a fresh beginning that you have longed for. The changing of scenery is just around the very next corner. You have done well in the long months and years of testing trials. You have trusted Me to see you through. Let the unpleasant memories slip through your fingers. I have new things to place in those precious hands. Those who counted you out and left you for dead will see you rise again and triumph over all that came against you. I am not finished with you yet!”

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