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Daily Prophetic Word November 20, 2016

The Father says, “You cannot dig out the Gold in someone else when you are looking for something negative. When you pan for Gold, you let the muck, rocks, and debris sift through, paying it no mind. Be hunters of the best in people. The more you look, the more you will find. Encourage and support one another so that more gems will surface. Bring your focus to good and not to evil. Be cheerleaders for those in your reach.

The stones you throw could easily be used against you. All have fallen short of My Glory. This is not the scorecard I am using. Did you forget? You were bought with a heavy price. Embrace this sacrifice for yourself and for others. You are all in the process of the Becoming. For it is the Christ in You the Hope of Glory. No one is better at sinning than another. Pardon those that deserve it the least. Let Me be the Judge for was it not the sin that My Son paid for in the first place? I will bring justice even when you forgot there was a crime.

Let Me take the wheel so that you can rest. You have been trying to do too much on your own and only achieving mediocre results. Remember I said to Follow Me not follow you! There are new lessons to be learned in the upcoming weeks. Be on the watch for My Spirit revealing hidden knowledge and wisdom. The year is closing out on a High Note. Remain with a spirit of anticipation. What you felt should be left for dead, I am reviving into life unimaginable. Push away the dark thoughts that look to rob you of My Joy.

Find My Fire setting you aflame. You are coming out of all that you have been going through. Even when days looked stagnant and you could not find Me working all things out, Trust and Know that I am still doing exactly what I have said that I am. You have asked 'When is my turn, Lord?’ And I want you to fully accept that Now is your turn and time to rise out of the dryness you have been experiencing. My Living Waters are flowing out of wells you have overlooked. Watch and See. The long wait is coming to an end.”

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