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Daily Prophetic Word November 19, 2016

The Father says, “Feeling weak is not a character flaw. I have not called you to pretend that the battles have not affected you. I am your Great Healer! I will replenish your soul and spirit when you come to Me. I will make all things new, and set your feet upon solid ground once more. There is nothing to be ashamed about. I want you to come to Me in good times and in bad! I am not expecting you to be where you are not able. There has never been a day, that you have gone through something, that My Son did not experience while on Earth. I understand it all!

I am not shaking My head or wagging My Finger at you. Instead find My arms wrapping you up with My Pure Love, making all of the pain go away. Will you believe that I am that kind of God who will go after the one sheep that became lost in the wilderness? I will never lose track of where you are. Never a time where I have failed to keep My loving eyes upon you. Even when you decide to have life your own way, I am still waiting patiently for you to come back into fellowship with Me. My Greatest Joy is to be with you!

Heaven and Earth were created for You to enjoy with an abundance of blessings and favor. I am not a boring God, and I will not waste your time either with aspects that will not fill you up with My Goodness. Have you got Me all wrong? Did religion tell you that I am to be another way for you and with you? I am undoing the twisted lies spoken over you this very day. Years of wrong information is breaking off in an instant. Choose to let this fall off and do not pick it up again out of wanting to stay with the familiar.

Turnarounds are My specialty. Second chances will not run out. I know you, and I have loved you since the day I created you out of My imagination. I will not give up on you. You are the only one who can walk away for good. I will still be here waiting, and I will wait until you take your last breath here on Earth. Do not let time run out. I sunset will come, but the sun will rise again at the dawn of a new day. Receive My New Day as My gift for you always.”

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