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Daily Prophetic Word November 16, 2016

The Father says, “Rest in Me. Rest does not always mean stop what you are doing, but rather allowing Me to determine the outcome of what you place your efforts into. When the road bends and twists, I am the One who will straighten and even create new roads out of nothing if I have to. Your world is not trapped in a three-dimensional existence. There is much much more available to you than is seen at first glance. Take on what is for this day and leave tomorrow where it is. Too much busyness will leave you doing only half the work for each task in your hands.

I am bringing a simplified way of living to you for this season. You may feel at times that you are not doing as much as you could, but you will be doing exactly what I have called you to. I will find others to do the other assignments. Even when people think you are the only one who can get this or that done, if I have not given it to you, let it pass on by for someone else. I am giving you laser focus to know what is yours for this moment. I want you to see the path with side blinders on so that you will not find distractions pulling at your feet.

What is vying for your attention is not always from Me. Even your friends can be like a torpedo sent to sink your ship. Call upon My Spirit to strengthen and guide. My angel army is at the ready for any and all of your needs. You are never alone to fight on your own. Find a New Compass setting your course headings. What was corruptible has been removed. We are on the move and this will pick up more and more speed soon enough. I am giving you time to adjust and get settled in.

I have planted a fresh abundant garden of flowers at your feet. Take your time and smell the roses for I have not created you to be all about work. I desire you to have a fruitful life filled with great joys and pleasures. I have not changed My mind about what I created the Earth to be for mankind. The plans of the enemy will fall. Keep pressing forward and you will reach all that is for your destiny. I created you to receive My Love and this will mean more to you in the coming year. I am setting you upon a mighty Rock at center stage before Me. I do not want you to miss anything I am saying to you.”

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