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Daily Prophetic Word November 12, 2016

The Father says, “While you slumber I am not asleep! I do not need to take a break or wander off to enjoy some leisure time at your expense. I Am Omnipresent. You will find Me the same over behind the bush as you will in a church building. I have not made it hard for you to reach Me. In fact, nothing could be simpler. I am not waiting for you to grovel or get into the right position before I will hear your pleas and cries. This is not a test as many have claimed it to be.

What is your weapon at the ready is your Praise and Worship. This weapon is not for Me, it is for you for when you do, your heart and mind will come into alignment with Heaven and the atmosphere will shift. Victory will come and kingdoms will fall. I will give you the rulers of all into your hands to fulfill My purposes. You Rule and Reign in My Kingdom so there is not another outcome you will experience. Forget those that speak against you over this and that. Hold your head high for you are walking in My Truth and Love.

Abandon yourself unto Me and see the landscape change before your eyes. You cannot serve two masters. Will you give My honor to another? Decide not to be your own worst enemy. Think today, who is benefiting from your mindset and attitude. Is Heaven or Hell rejoicing over your responses in life? Be careful who you giving power to in reality. Many leave Me to put their faith and trust into areas that are only doomed to crumble. Put your faith and trust into eternity and the One who holds it all.

Life sometimes offers shorter roads, longer roads, or roads that appear to be going in the wrong direction for part of the journey. At times, all of these ways are needed and used to bring you to the right place in Me. You do not walk by sight, do you? I have purpose in all that I do so, therefore, I am calling you to do the same. Walking around as if you have not planned out the next moment will keep you from reaching goals and dreams. Sketch out your days, weeks, and months, and keep watch as I take the little and turn it into a story worth celebrating. We are going somewhere spectacular and staying the course that I have laid out will ensure arrival.”

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