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Daily Prophetic Word November 10, 2016

The Father says, “What has been separated will come back into the fold in full united fashion. What was in turmoil will find the calm seas again. Let the dust settle and brush it off of your feet. What was keeping you back has been removed completely from the picture. Do not even bother to look for where it all went to. I am changing the playing field and giving you the advantage of favor in all areas.

What people have thought would never return to the former Glory will come back in turn to an even more spectacular Glory, for what I have laid in waiting has been increasing with interest. The multiplication and deliverance time is in your now moments. What was thought to be hopeless, let your praises be heard for all of Heaven is rejoicing over what is about to manifest. The Dry land is receiving the long overdue rains. Rains that will restore and rebuild even the most desolate of places.

Forget the former and get ready for My Spirit is falling heavily among My people. Blindfolds and Bondage are coming off, and My Healing Power is renewing hearts and minds. I have not forgotten all that has been petitioned unto Me. I will come through with Mighty Power and Justice. I will flip the script and give you the victory even in areas that you did not know you were owed. What could not be seen will come into focus. For My Hand is moving quickly and precisely this hour.

What was believed to be a tragedy will be known throughout history as one of the Greatest Blessing that man has ever seen. Can I not do what I have said? I am not limited to what man can conceive. I desire to end the notion that I am not for you so that from this moment on, you will never let the enemy place that lie in your heart. Remember this day, and just watch what I do from this moment forward. I have the winds ready to blow, and the change in the atmosphere has arrived!”

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