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What God Has Spoken

In the life of a Prophet, often times God pours out His heart and plans to just that prophet within the context of their relationship and intimacy. God shares and communes with us, but does not desire for us to share beyond our relationship. Far too often, God's vessels believe that everything that they know should be spread everywhere. One thing I have learned is that it takes away the specialness between God and me. It changes what He intended to be a moment for us to partake in only. There are times that the message is only sealed for a certain time frame and can be said afterward.

I am a firm believer in growing up God's people to have their own intimate relationship with God so that they can know and hear His voice for themselves. This is the message I hope to always convey.

The parts that I feel led to share is something God talked to me about before Trump was even the official nominee. God told me that when He puts something into the spirit of a person to accomplish and a destiny call, He will download it years and even decades ahead of time. God's desire is to let this seed grow and develop until the right moment, for what has been hidden by God, to be revealed. What happens is that the person immediately feels that imprint is for their now moments. So they run up to that door and knock, but they find that it does not open. Often times, a person will just give up and stop seeking when doors repeatedly do not open. They will start to doubt their ability to carry out the assignment or find other adventures to go on instead.

So I looked up when Trump first started to think and talk about running for President. I had an idea already, but yes indeed it began back in the 90's. Also in my research, I found how many other times he brought up running through the years, and as many will probably already realize that it was at nearly every coming election, a big or small mention came from Trump.

What God told me this morning: "This Nation has been Rebirthed Today"

Rebirthed: a period in which something becomes popular again after a long period of time when it was not popular : a period of new life, growth, or activity

God has spoken repeatedly that He is not finished with His Goodness and Plans for Mankind, and our better days are ahead of us! Put your Faith and Trust in God always! Pray for All Leaders no matter where they serve!

God Bless you all, and God Bless America!

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