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Daily Prophetic Word November 6, 2016

The Father says, “Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done. Have you applied this to your day yet? Many write their road map from an early age. Others may push or demand you to have answers ready for every stage of your life. They will assume if you cannot answer then you are wandering to destruction. I know the plan that I drew up, and I will only tell you what will not trip you up in this moment. Knowing too much can create unnecessary fear causing you to abandon the path before you have seen how it will all naturally come to be.

You will not always have the answers to the interrogations of life. That is not a deficient on your behalf. You did not miss our board meeting where the details were laid out. Keep an eye on the prize and trust Me to work out all of the details. I will let you know what is yours to take care of. Do not strive, for it is in the calm that you will hear and see clearly. Let yourself be grounded and centered with My Spirit. Let Me make sense of the crooked paths.

There are times you will travel on a side path to accomplish only one assignment. Many decide that this is a permanent path and derail themselves from the places I am leading them over to. Be light on your feet and move like a chess piece being arranged by the Master. Keep open to your next assignment and ready for the shift. Being comfortable is not a calling. There are times that seeking counsel from others will only send you on the wrong track. Be cautious who you let speak into your life and discern the timing and seasons.

Ask Me and I will tell you. Even My greatest Mysteries are only hidden for a time. Everything hidden eventually comes to Light. See yourself walking to greater even when you cannot fathom it. I have water that once you could not walk on it, but soon you will be to a new place in Me and such things will no longer bring you fear and doubt. I am doing a new thing on the inside of you. And you will love how things unfold into the beginning of the New Year. The streets are paved with Gold and this is your portion this very day. Keep moving and you will discover what is for you to find.”

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