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Daily Prophetic Word November 3, 2016

The Father says, “Rest assured what you have put your faith to, will come to fruition. What you have taken before Me with full trust and belief, without allowing doubt to grip your heart, will come to pass. For what you give Me in honor I will establish in your life with favor and blessing. What you water will turn into the harvest that you seek. Life doesn’t have to move at the speed of a train. It is ok to take things a bit slower and pick up less so that you can be more effective to what you do put your hands to.

Never overlook a chance to do good towards one another. I will reward what you do unto someone in need. Do not think you have less to give for I know just what you can do for the person before you. In this exchange, the person receiving is touched by My Love and the person giving receives a touch of My Love. The giving and receiving are what My Kingdom is all about. Your whole moment will be changed just by following where I prompt you to go.

Find My Joy in your Heart and Mind. You say, 'Lord I have nothing to be joyful about.' Listen and soak up what I am saying in this hour. My Joy is supernatural and will take you above the bad news of your today and allow you to see above the storm to know that the Sun is still shining. You will overcome and you will see the scenery change. This too shall pass mentality is yours for the taking. Perspective is key.

Many will reject the new to hang onto the old. I have not called My people to be comfortable for this will only lead to complacency. You have a voice that can invoke change to wherever you place your efforts. You are not small nor insignificant. Use the power behind My Namesake and you will watch the walls of Jericho fall before your eyes. You are world changers, not bench warmers. Take a hold of what I have given you authority over. I will pour out the strategy for all that you may encounter.”

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