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Daily Prophetic Word November 2, 2016

The Father says, “This hour is like none other. Many who have been stuck in the back looking on are being called front and center today. Your gifts have been lying in wait but find that I am setting you up to be used in areas of high recognition. Do not think that you were supposed to remain hidden for I am using those who have only sought the background. You have allowed Me to send you here and there without complaint. Others have even taken credit for the foundational work that you put forth.

This will be as easy as opening your eyes in the morning. One day you will be unknown and in the next, people will seek you out for My blessing and favor is visible upon you. I did not create you to be in the shadows of others. You are different and not mainstream but that is why you are so special in this hour. You are a breath of fresh air in a world gone stagnant. Your heart is genuine and delighted for the opportunities of others. Find that My Hand has not overlooked you. My Kingdom rejoices over you this day.

If you are in Me, your confidence will take you forward into a time of stretching and uncomfortable moments, but know this, what happens next will astonish the minds of those looking on. I am flipping the switch and just watch and see. People with seemingly little to offer are going to suddenly explode with natural talents that they never even trained for. I am unleashing a people who are able to bring Heaven to Earth in a way that has not been before. In their presence, Heaven will invade the Earth Realm through their pure worship.

When you abandon yourself in heart to Heart worship with Me, is where you will find the atmosphere that I desire you to possess and spread everywhere you go. Just with you walking into a room will the people shift in hearts and minds. Never forget just being My Light has that much power to defeat what comes against. You are carriers of My Son. Your greatest weapon is in The Name of Jesus! You are never alone to fight the battle. New Strategies and Mantles are falling to My People. Do not squander what is for today.”

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