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Daily Prophetic Word November 1, 2016

The Father says, “Quiet your mind so that I may speak to your heart. A busy mind will crowd out My voice. I am speaking to you in new ways this season of your life. As a babe, I spoke to you with the milk, but you have outgrown the days of your youth. I desire to fill you up with strong revelation and understanding. I will ask you to drop incorrect thinking and replace it with Truth. Do not dismiss that I have set before you the Logos and Rhema word. Both are Vital and One does not Go Out without the Other.

Since the beginning, man has looked to dismiss the voice of God and fill his actions with his own ways and reasoning. He has set a path of evil that will not be allowed to stand. Do you not see or do you no longer use your spiritual eyes? There are only two roads in the end. When you will not stand for Righteousness, you are agreeing with the enemy of your soul. When you speak against the workings of the Holy Spirit, you are aligning with a defeated foe.

Many carry out the work of the enemy just by their words and actions. You say you Love Me but what does your life really speak? To stay in My Rivers of Living Waters requires a constant desire and seeking. In doing so, when you hear an illegitimate voice you will know to rebuke and move on. Where you spend your time is what will bear fruit, for your good or detriment. You must cultivate time in areas that yield good fruit. There is no other way to reap the blessing.

Your day is yours to design and create. Will you invite Me to co-create with you? For when you do, I will shift you out of wrong areas as you tune into My frequency. Relationships do not grow without effort. Intimacy does not develop without a daily pursuing. Where your heart moves towards, so is what flows out. Be mindful and do not let your days get away from you. I am bringing you closer and into deeper wells. Receive what I have for you. I am doing a new work in you.”

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