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Daily Prophetic Word October 30, 2016

The Father says, “Are you looking out the window of life? Too many are looking on instead of enjoying and living an abundant life that was paid for on the Cross. As time passes by, they search out others doing the same as a way to feel comfortable and acceptable. They become carbon copies instead of the unique original that was handcrafted and put forth on this earth for a purpose and destiny. How far you go is up to you. If you hit the mark is up to you. I know the desires of your heart and you need to ask yourself, are your desires and My desires the same?

My Hand pushes and guides, creating the pressure, but many decide to go in the opposite direction. They let fear and doubt win their heart and mind. They miss out on the opportunities and the answers to their prayers because the path doesn't seem like it goes where they wanted it to. Understand that through your daily experiences, I seek to grow your faith and trust to higher and broader levels. I will not always tell you what is around the bend. I have surprises and blessings that often people only hear and see the negative. They fail to understand that I use both good and bad to catapult you to the next point on your journey. Disappointments are not disappointments when you realize that I have better in store.

I have resources to give you strength, endurance, wisdom, and knowledge to overcome and succeed. At a minor hurdle, some want to give up the race altogether. The year is not won in a day, and it's also not lost in a day. When you see a closed door, bring a smile to your face. For you will start seeing My hand moving. My voice will get clearer around you. And you will understand that the denial wasn't really for harm but a setting up for your heart’s desire. Many believe that something is their heart’s desire, but it's merely an illusion. Let Me clear the path and discard what is not good fruit for your soul.

Many will fall away from the faith. They will cease seeking a relationship with Me. They have grown hardhearted, and believe that they can run their lives better. They no longer want to wait for My precious timing, and want everything to appear right now. An immature person will choose to see everything as a battle of wills. I am calling My True Bride to rise above the noise. Allow Me to place your feet where your authority and abilities will establish unceasing Light in areas growing darker. Where I place you, My Glory will be with you.”

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