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Daily Prophetic Word October 29, 2016

The Father says, “Find this day, the enemy of your soul running for cover. What was gripping you by the throat is being destroyed. What stole your voice is coming to an end. Do not shrink back any longer. It is time for you to Roar. Let My Spirit flow inside and the fire of My words charge out from this day forward. After all, what can man do to you when I am your Rearguard. You are not a withering flower. You have all of the power of My Kingdom behind you.

The days of people taking advantage of you are closing. Pay attention to this vital change so that you do not walk in old patterns of thinking. I am working out all that has kept you bound and you will walk in freedom, in the natural and also spiritually. The enemy sought to make you ineffective in the territory that I have placed you, but this will be no more. Listen to My Voice and advance as I have placed in your spirit to carry out.

There will be justice. I have promised not to leave you without. Trust that I know the right moment to come through even when you desire an answer today. It is your heart that I seek to heal this day. Regardless of what transpires in My Courtroom, a wounded heart will slowly cause problems across many areas for you. Let Me mend what you thought was even unfixable. I will be gentle. Release the outcome to Me. Allow Me to take you to a place where you no longer have a concern about those issues from this day forward.

Believe that you can let go and it will happen. Not everything is a life long roadblock. I have promised to take you from Glory to Glory, and now is the moment I will show you just how this looks in ways that you never saw as Glory filled, to begin with. I am painting a beautiful masterpiece in you and with your life. Even when you feel you soiled the picture, I am faithful to touch up and finish this completely. Trust that I am for you and tomorrow we will soar beyond the clouds!”

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