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Daily Prophetic Word October 25, 2016

The Father says, “Relationships can seem tricky at times. You desire to have this person in your life and at the same time, you feel guarded and trapped. I am coming in this hour to strengthening what bonds should be stronger, but I am also severing what will only continue to be an unhealthy burden. Understand that you can interact with people without letting them affect your daily life. Many will want to speak into places that I am forbidding. I will shut the mouths of those that will do you harm.

People who choose a chaotic and stormy life will only bring that to your doorstep. Year after year nothing changes around them. See this as a sign to wish them well. You cannot help people who chase certain aspects even if they would deny it. Guard yourself against negative influences and time wasters. You can still love even when you are not in the foreground. Know when to move on so that your own life is peaceful.

Look for My Promises and all will manifest as I have spoken. Hold them close to your heart and be mindful of who you share them with. Not everyone will be excited and some may try to knock them out of your hands. Remember that it does not matter what anyone else has to say, for I am the One who will follow through as long as you do not give up. Whatever you have dropped to the ground, now is the time to pick back up, for you are closer than you think to the breakthrough. I have not forgotten you.

Long seasons of weariness are making way to the joyous feast and celebration that has been set aside for just you. It is time to clear out the negative people, and your own negative thoughts that things will never get better. Adopt permanently the Mind of My Saints. You are already seated in Heavenly Places. This world is not your destination. Enjoy your life! I created you to flourish and prosper. You are not a mistake, and I find great pleasure in watching over your life. You are so loved and precious to Me. What you have gone through will soon be just a memory fading in the breeze.”

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