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Daily Prophetic Word October 19, 2016

The Father says, “Avoid the tendency to think and speak one dimensional. When you believe something is only one way or only holds one meaning, you will overlook My Goodness. For when I save you, it might be to the destruction or ending of something else. Many will only see the ending and not the rescue or rebirth. Widen your perspective. For from the ashes, I will bring through My Glory for all to see. I will answer the evil among you, and establish My Courtrooms in your midst.

I will not forsake you today or ever. Release the desire to seek your own vengeance. Your ways may seem quicker and leave the person knowing what your response was, but I will tell you there are traps all around that will snare you. Let Me fight your battles. Not everything needs a reply from you personally. People will bait you into it but resist. Come to Me for the strategy and stance.

It is time to take on the mind of Christ in a fuller meaning than you have been taught or understood. You do not have to go along with what the crowd is doing. There is no good that will come from lowering yourself over and over to the level of those who are even pagans. You wear Royal Garments and a Priceless Crown. My Sceptre is in your Right Hand. You are not who you used to be and even they can see it.

The enemy will try to get you to walk like you did in the past. Turn away and Remember who you are in Me. They seek to tarnish your reputation, so make wise choices about what you engage in. Guard your heart and mind lest you damage your own soul. My guidance and radar are always operational. Start your day with intent and an on purpose mentality. Expect the landmines and find My escape path before you at each step.”

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