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The Life of Moses

So yesterday I posed the question how one would know that Moses served God or the devil by the ability of his staff to turn into a snake. I think to fully grasp this, we will have to look at it through our modern day lens. If Moses was standing before Pharaoh in today’s modern world, would he even have a chance to be seen as God’s chosen, or would he be too slandered all over social media instead? What the Critics might see: Raised by Egyptians and was educated in their pagan religious beliefs Had been in line to be Pharaoh himself Came from Wealth and Privilege Killed a man and was exiled Horrible temper and acted without thinking Speech issues Lacked confidence Disobeyed God by not circumcising his sons, and was almost killed by God for it. His mother must have been weak in her faith to put Moses in a basket and allow him to be raised by Egyptians. What a deceitful woman to then live in Pharaoh’s house to be with her child. She can’t be in God’s will for what she has done. She got paid to care for her son in a house of rulers who were abusing and killing the Hebrews. What a sell out. So at the point that Moses showed up to demonstrate his staff turning into a snake, this is what we might have known about him. We might question God’s vetting process for chosen vessels. Most people would have written Moses off, by this point. Now when we look closer to see God’s hand, Moses was allowed to live in the very house that was killing Hebrew male children. This is probably the only aspect that a person, seeing beyond the natural, might discern that God was with Moses. But, how many people honestly would take the time to look this deep, or see with their spiritual eyes for God’s hand of favor? Would they also say he practiced religious acts with false gods and therefore turned the staff into a snake through demons? If it was up to man’s opinion and polls on social media, Moses would not have stood a chance to be considered Chosen and in God’s will. Moses was not what the people were looking for in a leader, or one to lead anyone out of slavery for sure. I think most would say that Moses needed to be delivered himself. Especially after Moses told Pharaoh that his firstborn son would be killed, if he didn’t let the people go. “Yep, there he goes again wanting to kill someone. How could he be sent by God? He just threatened the life of a child. God wouldn’t take the life of a child. What a horrible person to claim he speaks for God. The people who follow Moses and Aaron are just deceived by their witchcraft too. Come, let us slander them some more through social media.” So what is the point of this examination? I see people use scripture that says look at the Fruits in someone’s life. I won’t go into all of the commentary, easily available on the internet, about what the term Fruits refers to and what it does not mean. I want to merely point out the obvious. Looking just at this picture of Moses, it would be difficult to see that God had truly chosen him, unless you walk in the Spirit. There is no track record that would have shown you. Moses was far from perfect and did not make the best of choices. The truth is we look at someone’s flawed character to judge if God has truly called them or not. When we do this, we will miss what God is truly up to, and the blessing He is sending to us. Being chosen does not mean that you do not need a Savior because you are somehow without sin and stupidity at times. It simply means God looks beyond the mess to make you a blessing to the world. None of us were there when God trained Moses and told him what to say. You most likely will never be with anyone else, as God does the same training with them. When we say God would or wouldn't do something concerning someone else's calling, we are exalting ourselves to being equal with God. You may quickly find out that God did indeed tell that person to do something very hard to swallow or accept. The Bible is full of these examples. Moses had many more strikes against him, as he led the people in the wilderness. Moses did many things that Angered God, and yet God was so intimate with Moses. Moses experienced aspects of God that people still desire to witness in their own life today. And despite the people completely seeing God’s hand on Moses, they still murmured and complained about him and God every day. Which greatly displeased God so much, that He punished the very people that He rescued from bondage. God even said that He was not going into the Promise Land with these people. What an image to have in our minds. Moses had such a beautiful relationship with God that he could intercede for these people to change God’s heart towards them. Surely if he didn’t, none of them would have been alive to see the Promise Land. I will say that Moses’s character flaw concerning anger was his major downfall, even until the end. Of course, God was working on him to get Moses beyond the place where he reacted with anger. It was a lesson that Moses just did not master. God denied Moses the Promise Land because he hit a rock when he was told to speak to it. At that moment, Moses was angry at the people, who were complaining yet again. This disobedience ended the 'Icing on the Cake' that God had wanted to Bless Moses with. The mission, calling, and destiny was to lead the people into the Promise Land, and this would be passed onto Joshua instead. This was a very costly correction by God. I can only think that the reason God did not relent was because He had tried for decades to resolve this flaw in Moses. Why? Because God knew that if this didn’t get fixed, that it would be the undoing of Moses’s destiny. God knew He would have to judge this sin eventually, and He was trying to spare Moses of this pain. Moses had already been exiled for 40 years over a murder that came about because Moses did not have a cool head. Even that 40 years, did not curb his temper. Decades leading people in the wilderness did not curb his temper either. God finally had to deny Moses the Promise Land, as his temper led to disobedience again and brought dishonor to God in the process. We live each day the same way Moses did. We make split-second decisions, out of our flesh, that cost us dearly at some point. Pay attention to the lessons God is teaching you, so that you will not lose out of His blessings. Be gentle with those in God’s Kingdom. We are all in the Process of the Becoming, and none of us have arrived until we leave this Earth. What we say and do matters greatly to God. Do things that bring God honor not disgrace. Repent and make amends when you mess up. Don't curse yourself by cursing God’s chosen. Even if they fail, let God be God and do the work in their life. People saw the flaws in Moses every day, I am sure. You would want the same consideration if you were called to such a high position. The enemy of our soul certainly targets those in higher callings with an unending fury. He is always looking to trip them up. Most people’s sins are not in the public’s eye to be seen. It is so easy to throw stones isn’t it or type away on social media? We all have things in our past that can and will be used against us. This does not disqualify someone in God’s eyes. He chooses who He will for His Glory alone.

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